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Bad Actors In Bitcoin – Who Should You Not Listen To?


Here’s a list of people, sites and organizations you shouldn’t listen to when it comes to Bitcoin.

They’re considered to be bad actors. They are actively working to destroy the one true Bitcoin (BTC) for their own gain and your loss.

These are the ‘big blockholes’, who want bigger blocks for Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Bigger blocks centralize Bitcoin and therefore make it less decentralized.

Big blockholes support shitcoins such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin 2X.

Save yourself the effort and simply adhere to the following list.

Big Blockholes You Shouldn’t Listen To

Roger Ver

Known as MemoryDealers on Reddit. He’s an early investor and used to be called Bitcoin Jesus. He’s now shill for shitforks such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin 2X.

On his website, bitcoin.com, he spews forth propaganda that is obviously complete utter horseshit. On Reddit, he’ll post crap about having to pay $600 per Bitcoin transaction.

Nobody believes him and are calling him out on it.

Don’t believe anything Roger Ver says. He’s seeing his world collapse right in front of him, and is powerless to do anything about it. As a response, he’s gone full retard.

Jihan Wu

Big Bitcoin miner who is guily of holding up the much needed Segwit upgrading, which finally activated after all in August 2017.

He didn’t want Segwit because it has rendered his AsicBoost technology useless. AsicBoost used to give him an edge in the profitable act of mining Bitcoin.

He supports big blocks, so he can centralize Bitcoin and control it more effectively. Like Roger Ver, he supports the shitcoins Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin 2X.

He once said “fuck your mother if you want fuck“.

Nuff said.

Craig Wright

Claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s creator. Could never prove it though. Widely regarded to be a scam artist.

Shills the Bcash & 2X shitcoins. Stay away from him and all the people who voluntarily associate with him. This man and his lackeys have no credibility whatsoever.

Jeff Garzik

Used to be a Bitcoin (BTC) developer. Has since defected to the dark side of 2X shitcoin shilling.

People fondly remember “old garzik”, since he used to post stuff that made a lot of sense on BitcoinTalk, before he went nutso.

Erik Voorhees

Just another Bitcoin 2X supporter. Owns the shapeshift exchange.

Mike Belshe

CEO of BitGo. Just another 2X shitcoin supporter. Stay away from him.

Vinny Lingham

This guy sucks because he was against UASF, an important mechanism that has successfully activated an important Bitcoin update called SegWit.

Vinny is on the side of the upcoming 2X shitfork. He twitters like an emotional 16 year old goth. He sucks. Stay away from him.

Wences Casares

From Xapo. Used to be a good guy. Then he turned big blockhole.

Peter Smith

Just another big blockholer.

Barry Silbert

Organized the failed SegWit2x bigblockhole takeover.

Bobby Lee

Brother of good guy Litecoinist Charlie Lee, aka @SatoshiLite. Evil brother Bobby Lee announced that 2x was the real Bitcoin before 2x even hit the scene.

Brian Armstrong

Owns Coinbase. Doesn’t wanna stop monitoring Segwit2x developments after 2x has already been called off on November 8th, 2017.

Bryce Weiner

He’s a toxic troll who insults people who ask questions. He spreads FUD and is generally wrong about everything.

Rhett Creighton

Bcash shill. Takes criticism seriously & politely, but this is just pretense. Talks shit about BTC in the meantime behind your back.


Owned by Jihan Wu. See above.


BitPay is on the side of BitMain. Their wallet sucks. Don’t use these people.


This website is owned by Roger Ver. Increasingly, it’s spewing forth utterly ridiculous propaganda. Don’t eat this shit up. It will make you go batshit insane.

The founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has stated that bitcoin.com is unrelated.

If you want an official resource on Bitcoin, visit bitcoin.org instead. It’s managed by Bitcoin Core, which is a decentralized team of legendary developers. The ones who have taken Bitcoin from $6 to $6000 (as of October 2017).


Owned by Erik Voorhees. See above.


This used to be the main Bitcoin subreddit. It’s now a hateful cesspool of Bitcoin Cash/2X fanbois. Many of them eat Roger Ver’s shit up, only to get burned. They’ve lost tens of thousands by converting their Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash. Many of them are about to lose tens of thousands more by converting their Bitcoin to Bitcoin 2X.

Thankfully, there’s also a lot of them who aren’t believing Roger Ver anymore. See link above.

The best Bitcoin subreddit is now /r/bitcoin/. It only tolerates Bitcoin discussions. But it’s not a hateful pool of liquid shit, such as /r/btc/ is.


Owned by Brian Armstrong. It attacks Bitcoin by making vague 2x statements, which allow miners to rig the system in such a way that ‘2x becomes bitcoin’. Coinbase’s statements was the reason why hundreds of fake 2x nodes were spun up on AWS.


This list is by no means comprehensive. There are likely to be many more big blockholes out there, spewing forth their filthy lies for their own selfish gains, at the detriment of Bitcoin and its supporters.

Do you know of more Bitcoin big blockholes that need to be on this list?

Mail them to me!

Best Decentralized Exchange – Altcoin.IO


Us crypto guys/gals just wanna be able to trade our bitcoins for altcoins without having to worry about daily withdrawal limits, shitty support (I’m looking at you, Poloniex), KYC selfie document idenfitications, or getting our accounts banned without learning why (I’m looking at you, Bittrex).

Have you ever asked yourself what the best decentralized exchange for trading altcoin is? Up until now, you’re not alone. But wonder no longer, my fellow crypto fanatic. Because salvation has come in the form of Altcoin.io, which is likely to deliver us from all the evils mentioned above.

Altcoin.io Mission

To bring the entire altcoin community together under a single roof. The altcoin market needs to be brought out of the shadows, so its image becomes transparent, trusted and honest.

Altcoin.io will be the very first decentralized exchange that is built by traders and for traders. With altcoin.io, everybody becomes empowered to trade altcoins with confidence!

Altcoin.io Support & Transparency

Currently, there are too many exchanges which are difficult to navigate, because they simply have bad user interfaces. Too many exchanges have shitty support, where even the most basic of requests will have you waiting for weeks, or sometimes even months.

Altcoin.io aims to bring a new approach to support in altcoin trading, which means they’ll always have your back, no matter what challenge you’re currently facing.

Altcoin.io User Experience & Security

Most exchanges are merely in the business to provide others a platform to trade, so they can make money off the fees you pay for every trade. Interface & security suck? Too bad.

Altcoin.io aims to change that. Centralized exchanges are vulnerable to hacks. Decentralized exchanges are not. Being a decentralized exchange, Altcoin.io can’t possibly ever get Mt. Goxed.

Altcoin.io Long Term Vision

Not only does Altcoin.io aim to become the best decentralized exchange. They also want to set a new standard for how ICOs are conducted. Investors want more confidence when investing into new altcoins that are coming to the market every week.

Altcoin.io will also play a role in how new blockchain companies market their ICO to their trader network. Investors must have the confidence that there is liquidity to trade the new altcoin.

Altcoin.io Advised By Expert Crypto Traders

Altcoin.io believes in the power of the amazing crypto community. It networks with some of the most amazing individuals, who are well known for being crypto trading experts.



Nick “Pizpie” Cote

This guy’s an industry expert, who has been doing bitcoin / altcoin trading full time since 2013.


Nate “Coinrun” Freire

A full time trader since 2013, not only does he do crypto, but also equity and forex.


Josh Elszewicz

Another full time trader. Entirely self taught. Since 2013. Focuses on technical analysis (TA).



Trading bitcoin and altcoins for 4 years now. He says that buying low is easy. But hodling is the hard part!


Altcoin.io’s goal is to cater to every type of trader out there, both new as well as advanced.

This will increase the market cap of the industry as a whole.

Altcoin.io has an open feedback loop and is willing to listen to anyone’s idea for improvements!

Altcoin.io Referral System

Altcoin.io’s referral system lets you receive kickback from traders that you’ve managed to refer!

Altcoin.io Demonstration

Click here to sign up for Altcoin.io for free.

Can Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin?


Bloomberg had something to say about Bitcoin / Ethereum.

Click the link to watch the video.

Long story short, Ethereum could take over Bitcoin as the biggest coin, with two guys predicting that this will happen by the end of 2017 and the end of 2018 respectively.

It was only a few weeks ago that Ethereum exploded from $50-100 levels to $150-200 levels.

In the image above, Ethereum has 52.7% of the market cap of Bitcoin.

This happened after a huge conference where many big banks were invited to come and be educated about Ethereum.

Ethereum is much more easy to build software on top of than it is with Bitcoin.

Can It Happen?

Being the first cryptocoin ever to be invented, Bitcoin was never going to be the very best coin.

We’re not using the first car ever invented anymore.

We’re also not using the first operating system ever invented anymore.

Scary thoughts.

But we’re living in different times now.

Decades ago, it made no sense to maintain and enhance the first car or the first operating system into perpetuity.

But since Bitcoin has already won the hearts of so many, I believe the Bitcoin Core team will always be trying to make it better.

The video in the Bloomberg link, would have us believe that Bitcoin will fail because it suffers from long transaction times and it can’t be scaled up.

However, no mention was made of the Bitcoin Scaling consensus breakthrough of May 23d.

I suppose Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin in market cap, but I’m not sure whether this would mean that 1 Ethereum would also be worth more than 1 Bitcoin.

Ethereum has no limit on its supply, while Bitcoin is hardcoded to have at most 21 million available by 2140.

Bitcoin seems scarcer than Ethereum to me.

Once Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin in price-per-coin, people will still be interested in Bitcoin precisely because it’s the cheaper coin!

So many people have yet to get into cryptocoin in general.

With the cryptocoin space growing as it is, I’m sure that the user friendly payment apps are going to be hitting the playstore any year now.

I’m not sure whether Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin, but I am pretty sure both will see huge price increases before that happens.

What If It Happens?

This whole debate makes me think of a video by Andreas Antonopoulos, where he pits tiger vs shark.

Watch it… it’s worth your time!

They are both apex predators in their own domain.

But which one wins the fight… depends on whether you fill the arena with water or not.

Andreas claims both Bitcoin and Ethereum have their own strengths and weaknesses:

Ethereum might be easier to program up against because it’s Turing omplete.

But this also makes it more vulnerable to hacks.

Bitcoin is not Turing omplete by design, which makes it more secure.

But both are evolving and both have advantages/disadvantages.

What To Do?

Long story short… I’m holding onto both my Bitcoin as well as my Ethereum.

I was never one to take panic induced actions, anyway.

Besides… I got more Ethereum than I do Bitcoin, because Ethereum was (and still is) cheaper!

If you’ve missed the Bitcoin bandwagon, then Ethereum might be your second chance.

For now, I’m on both bandwagons.

Either one is good to jump onto, in my view!

So why not both?

Louis Thomas Correctly Predicted Ethereum’s Explosive Price Rise


Just stumbled across this video predicting the explosive price rise of Ethereum.

This video was posted on May 18th.

Here’s what Ethereum’s chart around this time looks like.

Ethereum explodes. Click for bigger picture.

I purchased 50 Ethereum at ~€50 a pop a few weeks ago.

Been holding it ever since.

Those €2500 are currently worth €7500.

Since Louis Thomas seems to know his shit, I’ve subscribed to his YouTube channel.

If you’d like to build an early retirement, like me, then I suggest you do the same.

I Bought A Handful of Stratis


So i came across Stratis, put in an hour of research, got a good feeling about it, and purchased some of them on a whim.

I just so happened to have a small amount of BTC lying around, so why not! 😛

To put things in perspective, let’s have a look at Stratis’ current position in the list of >800 cryptocoins by market cap.

Click for bigger picture.

As you can see, Stratis is currently #13 in the list of >800 cryptocoins.

That’s not bad, actually.

And what I particularly like about it, is that it only costs $1.26 a pop.

That means you can buy a lot on the cheap!

I wish I would’ve bought Bitcoin at $1, so when you’ve got another chance… you’ve just gotta grab it!

But I stray…

Twitter user Khil0ne is a long term investor in Stratis, so he knows a thing or two about Stratis and he writes on the Stratis Platform site.

Khil0ne states that he thinks Stratis can become one of the top 3 cryptocoins by market cap in the future.

I asked him on Twitter why he thinks Stratis is going to do Stratis is going to do so well.

In a reply, he showed me a screenshot of a comment of his on Slack, but I was unable to find it.

So here’s the comment:

Click for bigger picture.

Here’s the transcription (verbatim, so typos included):

This is the best community and team I have ever worked with. It started with the amazing team that is amazingly transparent and always has the best intrest for the project and the investors at mind. They started with only an amount of around $600.000 and look at what they have achieved already. The reason I didnt sold yet is because I believe this will be a top 3 marketcap project and I always have believed that. Stratis is an platform which will have, anonimity for bitcoin and stratis, smart contracts, sidechains, consulntancy, cloud stratis, stratis academy and much more.

The community here helps along because they care about the project and want to help. This varies from tweeting, helping with coding, helping newcomers, transscripting the Q&A, making avatars, etc.

In my eyes the thing I really liked from the start is the potential C# community that will join Stratis. Stratis will be a platform that will be used by all C# devs and that are a lot. So many use cases will be made on Stratis. Stratis will give new devs a place with the Stratis academy.

Also Stratis will be the place to go for ALL of your Blockchain solutions, not just Smart contracts or just anonimity, not it will have it all.

All of this together makes me believe we will get in the top 3. Stratis has the most dedicated and professional team in crypto I have met. They have great advisors and partners already.

I’ve only been into cryptocoin for a few weeks, so I am still an absolute cryptocoin nubcake!

Matter of fact, I did my first Bitcoin transaction of 0.001 BTC on February 1st.

I do not understand half of this just yet, but I’m taking a small gamble on it because it just feels good.

Besides… getting my feet wet is a good way to force myself to learn more!

Let’s have a look at a short video about Stratis.

Despite being new to Stratis and not knowing a lot about it, there’s already two things I really like about Stratis:

  1. It was designed for the real world needs of businesses. That means businesses are going to get in on it (duh). So what reason could a regular Joe like me possibly have not to wanna be in there? This means it’s got huge growth potential. My 250 Stratis could become worth $250,000.
  2. It’s being written in C#. I’m a C# developer myself. I think it’s a really decent language, which offers pretty good performance as well. I believe they are developing it in .NET Core, which (I also believe) means it’s not running on the .NET Framework (overhead) but natively on a CPU (maximum performance). Could be wrong, but I still have much to learn.

Check out my current holdings on PolonieX here:

Click for bigger picture.

I don’t have all my holdings on PolonieX, though.

Matter of fact, I’m trying to hold as much of my cryptocoin in my own local wallets, where it’s safe.

I love local wallets, because online exchanges can go down and you’ll lose any holdings you had thereon.

In the screenshot above, you can see I’ve just transferred 20 Ethereum to my own wallet.

The more valuable it becomes, the more daily maximum of $2,000 transactions I have to do!

I have a small amount of Ethereum. It grew by 2x.

I have a small amount of Ripple. It grew by 4x.

And now I’ve got a handful of Stratis, too!

Care to learn more about Stratis?

Check out this video, which pits Stratis against Ethereum.

Both similarities and differences are highlighted.

Some interesting tidbits I picked up from it:

  • Stratis is BaaS: Blockchain as a Service.
  • C# developers can easily develop applications that work with Stratis.
  • Stratis gets support from Microsoft.
  • Stratis lets smart contracts run on sidechains and does not bloat the main blockchain with them.
  • Stratis is SegWit ready.
  • Stratis provides master nodes.
  • Stratis offers full trustless anonimity, better than Bitcoin.
  • Stratis somehow ties in with Bitcoin and it will help Bitcoin wallets become more anonymous.

Like I said, I don’t understand half of it yet, but it sounds to me like this coin has potential!

Now that I’m invested in it, naturally I’m going to be learning more about it.

And I’ll be writing about it as well.

Are you coming down with the cryptocoin virus as well?

Andreas Antonopoulos: The Stories We Tell About Money & Why Bitcoin Will Go Mainstream


Who is Andreas Antonopoulos?

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and well-respected figures in bitcoin.

Andreas is a smart cookie and you’d do well to listen to him.

In the video above, Andreas addresses the following points:

  • Why we are all told BS stories about what money is.
  • Why fiat money sucks.
  • Why Bitcoin is better.
  • Why Bitcoin will go mainstream.
  • Why Bitcoin can’t be stopped.

Visit Andreas’ site.

Rick Falkvinge Response To RetireOnBitcoin.net Goes Viral


Okay… so I was surprised to find out Rick Falkvinge was a BTU supporter and responded to him on Twitter:

falkvinge twitter 1

He responded as such:

falkvinge twitter 2

Which resulted in him going viral on Reddit and Twitter:

falkvinge reddit

Imagine my surprise when waking up to 69 or so Twitter notifications!

Not in a million years had I thought I’d ever unleash a Twitter war that was worthy of Reddit fame.

Twitter Thread

Reddit Thread

I recommend a cup of coffee and about 15 minutes of your time.

It’s fun watching people set Falkvinge straight!

Bitcoin Breaks Out To All Time Highs: $1,400 And Counting


Bitcoin Breakout

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, Bitcoin goes ahead and breaks out to a new all time high.

It recently went above $1,400 and not just a bit. It’s slightly below $1,400 at the time of writing.

But that doesn’t matter.

This little virtual coin, worth pennies just a few short years ago, is showing its potential to grow into a whole new economy.

Just look at that sucker go in 2017!

If you think Bitcoin is some half assed ponzi scheme that’s going to collapse soon, then think again.

The amount of Bitcoin users has been doubling every month since 2013.

Given Bitcoin’s wild growth, it is highly likely that it will continue to do so.

Here are some Bitcoin potential predictions that I found in a YouTube video (which I can’t find anymore!).

Click for a bigger picture.

This is if it keeps up its current momentum going up.

And there’s no good reason why it could not.

Take a look at the following chart, if you will:

Click for bigger picture.

You know who that is?

That’s Google.

Sure, there has been a dip in the early years.

But generally speaking, it ain’t going nowhere but up!

Bitcoin is about a 100x more of an interesting opportunity than Google…

Google is a great company, don’t get me wrong. But they are working to make only themselves rich!

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is for the masses. It was designed to be available to everybody!

You can split a Bitcoin into 100 millionth little bits of Bitcoinshes!

Is that a word? If not, then I just made it up. So it is now!

Except there already exists a word for one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin: 1 Satoshi.

So if a Bitcoin becomes worth $100 million, then you can still buy 1 Satoshi, which is then worth $1.

So no matter how high Bitcoin goes, it will always remain available for everybody!

Source: btcsatoshi.com.

A capitalistic and ultimately selfish search giant has seen nothing but growth for well over a decade.

What do you think this means for a revolutionary, virtual coin such as Bitcoin, that everybody has access to?

I have a sneaking suspicion that Bitcoin’s growth will far outstrip any other growth curve the world has ever witnessed, so you better saddle up.

People world wide are flocking towards it in droves.

Take Antigua and Barbuda, a tiny island near Puerto Rico, for instance.

Sure, it starts with a tiny island… but it’ll take over the world before you know it.

Bitcoin is not just a new assett… it’s a new economy.

And it’s being actively developed, because people believe in it.

And if you’re getting involved in it early on, then you are setting yourself up for a cozy life in the near future!

The earlier, the better!

Because you’ll make optimal use of Bitcoin’s future price rises, which are basically your leverage!

Ethereum Breakout

In other news, Ethereum is breathing down Bitcoin’s neck.

Not in value (yet!), but certainly in growth!

As a matter of fact, in going from $50 to $80 in a matter of days, its market share has now grown so large that Bitcoin’s market share dropped to an all time low of 60%.

I purchased 50 ETH on April 21st, when it was $50. 🙂

To be fair, Ethereum isn’t the only cryptocoin responsible for this. There exist dozens of others, after all.

Some people will try to convince you that a smaller market share for Bitcoin, means it’s going to end soon.

Complete, utter hooey!

Let’s compare to search engines’ market share!

Just because Bing, Yahoo and even Amazon have a share of the search engine market at Google’s cost, it doesn’t mean that Google is going to die soon.

As a matter of fact, this competition is very healthy.

The fact that multiple cryptocoins are now vying for your attention, means that they are being traded from one to another.

There is a very rich cryptocoin ecosystem brewing, and it will skyrocket cryptocoin prices even more.

If there ever was a time to hedge your bets against the bubble that is the fiat money system, it’s gotta be now!

Why Cryptocoins Are Unstoppable

Click for bigger picture.

Bitcoin used to be the only player in the cryptocoin market. But now there’s dozens. Just check out Coin Market Cap and thou shalt see it with thine own eyes.

We’re here to take over the world. Such doge. Much wowe.

The image above displays the (current) top 5 cryptocoin by market cap. Dash and Litecoin have recently been switched around. Dash is currently not going anywhere, but Litecoin has seen a great uptrend because of the fact that SegWit has been locked in for it.

The fact that there is now a top 5 cryptocoin, all vying for the #1 spot, pretty much already says it all. There used to be a single one, after all, and that was Bitcoin, ofcourse.

But let’s look at some other reasons for why not just Bitcoin, but cryptocoin in general, is absolutely unstoppable.

Botswana Clinic Accepts Bitcoin

In Africa, people don’t feel like having to hassle with bank accounts. These people are poor and the last thing they need is a bureaucratic, corrupt man in the middle that slams them with all sorts of BS fees that are way too high for the services they deliver.

Dr. Ariisa was not worried about Bitcoin’s volatility, because that’s what all new technologies suffer from. These people are eager to adopt Bitcoin. This country is going to be much better off once it has established an economy where people pay each other directly!

Ripple Signs Up 10 More Banks

Ripple is fairly unique in the sense that it manages to penetrate the banking sector. Recently, it signed up 10 more banks, one of which is BBVA. The others: MUFG, SEB, Akbank, Axis Bank, YES BANK, SGI Remit, Cambridge Global Payments, Star One Credit Untion and eZforex.com.

See the official press release.

Cryptoin was meant to take banks out of the equasion. Banks are now voluntarily hopping onto blockchain powered technology.

For what reason, you ask?

It’s simple.

If you can’t beat’em, join’em.

JPMorgan Chase Pursues Blockchain Strategy

JPMorgan may have left the R3CEV Blockchain Consortium, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in the blockchain. They’ve left it with the intention of pursuing their own blockchain based strategy.

JPMorgan is still a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. This alliance investigates the best way of implementing Ethereum based blockchain technology all throughout the world. So you can see that just about every bank is interested in cryptocoin in some way.

If all the banks are interested, then why wouldn’t you be?

I’m glad to be holding 50 Ethereum myself!

Top Cryptocoins Spiking Hard

With more cryptocoins creeping up on Bitcoin, the market as a whole is becoming more active.

There are plenty of great trading opportunities when young, upcoming coins (yuccies?) are breaking out and being all volatile and whatnot.

One coin is feeding off the activity of all the other coins. It’s an upward spiral. One that is not going to come to a halt anytime soon.

The cryptocoin revolution is about to burst out onto the scene in a dramatic fashion. Think ‘upper extremities flailing about wildly and screaming like a maniac’ dramatic. Kind of hard to miss, is what I’m trying to say.

Can you say “wubbalubba dub duuuuuuuuuuub”?


Cryptocoin Market Cap Breaking Through All Time High Barriers



Litecoin has broken the $15 barrier. It was first introduced in 2014, has remained relatively silent for many years. Now, all of a sudden, there is a breakout.


Because it’s getting a software upgrade. And it’s none other than SegWit, which is also aiming to become Bitcoin’s scaling solution for the foreseeable future.

So you see, people… even the cryptocoins that seem like they are dead in the water, have the capability of bursting onto the scene like mushrooms popping up from the ground.


Ethereum is going beyond $60. This coin, created by the very genius Vitalik Buterin, is aiming to be a better BitCoin. It is powered by a better blockchain, that does not have BitCoin’s flaws. Better transaction speeds and such.

Since BitCoin came to the scene first, it’s the biggest. Had Ethereum been first, it could very well have been the number one.

Not that BitCoin is a bad coin. Au contraire. It will always give you that special feeling you also had for your first girlfriend.

Besides… having multiple coins vying for the highest market cap is a good thing. This is what drives up all the prices, allowing you and me to become extraordinarily wealthy in the coming years!

Why is it breaking out?

I don’t have a clue. Probably because it’s such a darn good coin that shows so much potential. I hold 50 of them!


Bitcoin is $1330 at the time of writing. This coin requires no introduction. It’s the coin that it’s all about. And it has recently broken through new record high barriers, once again overtaking gold.

BitCoin is the coin that just won’t die. It’s been attacked in the past and will be attacked in the future.

It survived the Mt. Gox fiasco. And it will survive the SegWit/Unlimited debate as well.

The markets are massively trying to short BitCoin, which seemingly means BitCoin sentiment is currently on the down.

And yet… it manages to break all expectations, going to never before seen highs.

Photo credit: CoinDesk.

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